Don't forget these events and activities for the Děti (Children)... 

Big Blast Inflatables

One of the highlights for the younger generation are the inflatables and games that are open and available all weekend starting on Friday night in Memorial Park, 500 5th St. SE!

Dozen & Unders

In 2012, the a Kid's Division to the Kolacky Eating Contest was added to the line-up.  To learn more about the event and activity, visit the Kolacky Eating Contest page!

Kiddie Parade

AE - Gregor.JPG

For over 50 years, the local children of Montgomery have been dressing up in a variety of costumes and themes!  Information regarding the Kiddie Parade can be found here

Euro-Bungy Jumper


Euro-Bungy Jumper is built with the world famous Euro-Bungy technology and it allows jumpers to get higher than ever - up to 26 feet.

It allows you to not only jump high into the air, but also do both forward and backward flips.  And it comes with harnesses that fit the young and old.



Touch of Magic - Professional Face Painting -

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said "WOW!!!"?  Watch to see what they can do!


Chalk It Up

The staff at the Montgomery Public Library as well as the Friends of the Montgomery Library are once again sponsoring Chalk It Up, a sidewalk chalk art festival for kids!  The festival will transform the library sidewalks into a fruit filled community space of art appreciation, activity and lively exchange!  The event is free and open to the public.  Get off your buns and head on down to the Montgomery Public Library at 104 Oak Ave. SE. 

Kid's Pedal Pull

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Another FREE activity is the Kid's Pedal Pull on Saturday afternoon.  It is up to all children between the ages of 4 and 11.  Lean more here!

Kolacky Days Kids' Half Mile Race

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It's a Montgomery tradition that has been around for generations!  How long does it take for your child to run down Montgomery's main drag!  Details could be found here

Pinewood Derby


Join the local Boy Scouts as they host a Pinewood Derby downtown Montgomery during the Classic Car Show!