Come spit your way to a National title held at the opening of the Kolacky Days Celebration! Open to all ages!  We have three (3) Categories  of Spitters:

  • Baker's Dozen & Under (13 & Younger)

  • 14 - 55 Years of Age

  • 55 & Over

Contest Rules & Regulations

The rules follow the Official Championship Rules for the US Watermelon Seed Spitting Championships in Wisconsin. 

  1. Prune spitting is an open competition for any age and sex. Height, weight, or size of mouth shall not prevent any individual from competing. Official prunes will be provided. No one will permitted to use their own prunes.

  2. Professional tobacco spitters are not eligible. Chin dribblers shall be disqualified.

  3. Immediate disqualification to any contestant using any form of pipe, tube, or other hollow object to propel prunes.

  4. Any competitor receiving assistance, of any kind, at moment of prune launching shall be immediately disqualified.

  5. Contestants who accidentally swallow prunes while sucking in air prior to prune launch, will be given one extra prune. Event organizers and sponsors shall not be held responsible for the after effects of prunes swallowed by any contestant.

  6. People who wear dentures, whose teeth go further than the prune shall abide by judges decision: Distance prune travels is the only thing that counts. We will not provide poly‐grip.

  7. No running, jumping, skipping, or laying down while spitting. All spitting shall be from an erect, stationary stance.

  8. A contestant must perform as an individual in the singles events. This disqualifies contestants gaining additional distance from a swat on the rear at the time of spitting.

  9. All spitting methods shall be acceptable. Simple blowing of prune from between teeth, from corners of lips, wide open mouth, the tongue roll, or any style preferred by contestant.

Previous Winners

Baker's Dozen & Under (13 & Younger)

  • 2015 - Dustin Horejsi

  • 2016 - Derrick Horejsi - 22 Feet 6 Inches

  • 2017 - Austin Testerman - 13 Feet 5 Inches

  • 2018 - Isaac Niesen - 19 Feet 5 Inches

14 -55 Years of Age

  • 2015 - Greg Schleis

  • 2016 - Thomas Franek - 21 Feet 4 Inches

  • 2017 - Jesse Skluzacek - 22 Feet 9 Inches

  • 2018 - Patrick Brockway - 27 Feet 1 Inch

Senior Division (55 & Over)

  • 2017 - Greg Schleis - 18 Feet 9 Inches

  • 2018 - Greg Schleis - 17 Feet 2 Inches

*In 2017, the 14 & Over Division was split into two (2) to create a Senior Division.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Montgomery Area Community Club at (507) 953-0094 or email us at

Admission / Button Required: No

Umístění (Location)

Memorial Park - 500 5th St. SE