General Information

It's the Great Kolacky Pursuit - Montgomery's 1st Kolacky Days Medallion Hunt!  The Finder wins a Kolacky Days Prize Pack that includes $100 Monty Bucks!!!

The FIRST Clue will be read on KCHK Radio on Monday, July 24, 2017 at around 8:45 am during the Kolacky Days interview.  The clue will then be posted on our social media outlets, our website at, and at the Montgomery Messenger Office.   Each additional clue will be read aloud around 8:45 am on KCHK Radio during the week and posted by 9:30 am each day, beginning Tuesday, July 25, 2017 on our social media outlets, our website at, and at the Montgomery Messenger Office.  Friday morning is the last clue if required. 

Official Rules & Guidelines

  1. The medallion is hidden on public property in an easily accessible place within the city limits of Montgomery.  It is NOT located at the Veteran’s Memorial Park.  Stay off of private property or school grounds. 

  2. It is not necessary to damage or destroy any property to find the medallion.  Any damage to land and property is strictly prohibited and grounds for disqualification.   

  3. Clues will be posted online, announced on the air and found in print no later than 9:30 a.m. each day.  Clues will be posted on our social media outlets, at the Montgomery Messenger Office, and over KCHK Radio each day. 

  4. If more than one person finds the medallion, the reward will be split among all the finders.

  5. There is no age restrictions and the medallion hunt is open to everyone except Montgomery Area Community Club board members, Montgomery Messenger employees, and KCHK employees and all of their immediate families.

  6. Knowingly, and at your own risk, you hereby apply to enter an athletic contest that is intended to hunt for and retrieve the medallion if you look and so hereby waive and release all claim to damages that you may incur as a direct or indirect result of your participation in this event against the City of Montgomery, Montgomery Area Community Club Inc., KCHK Radio, Montgomery Messenger or any employee, official, or elected officer of these organizations for said injuries.

  7. There is no cost for this event. 

  8. Have fun!  Make this is a memorable experience for yourself and the community.  Conduct yourself in a manner that would make your babička (grandmother) proud.  Good Luck!

  9. If for some reason the medallion is found by mistake, or prior to the first clue being read, the medallion must be returned to the Montgomery Area Community Club and we will announce a change in the contest. 

  10. In case you find the medallion, call or text to (612-203-7824) – Please call during respectful hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

  11. If you win, you must agree to be publicly named along with the possibility of an on-air radio interview, your photo and name(s) on various local websites and a picture and write up for the paper. 

  12. In the event the medallion is not found, the hunt will conclude on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 8:00 am. The prize will roll over to next year.

  13. When the medallion is found and the Montgomery Area Community Club has been notified, notice will be posted on Facebook and posted at the Montgomery Messenger.  


  • 2017 - Sara Gaul


Clue 1: Monday, July 24, 2017

As we begin celebrating our 83rd trip around the sun with a Kolacky Days, we have decided to add the “The Great Kolacky Pursuit – A Medallion Hunt” to the list of events and activities planned for this - the 83rd Annual Kolacky Days!  To help prepare you for this hunt, we recommend you pick up the Kolacky Days brochure, find us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), study the Schedule of Events flyer, spend some time looking at our website,, and even brushing up on a little Czech!  

Clue 2: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

After the completion of the Meet N Greet where we listened to polka, heard all about Queen Lexy and her court’s experience, meet the candidates vying for this year’s title of Kolacky Queen, the newly announced Grand Marshals Bob & Lisbeth Janovsky stopped us and wanted the inside scoop on this new event – The Great Kolacky Pursuit.  We gave him a copy of the rules and guidelines and said it’s pretty much just like our friends over at the Torchlight Parade & Fireworks and their medallion hunt.  After much discussion, they wanted to confirm some events and activities for the weekend for their friends and family…

  • Will we be able to hear any good ole Rock-N-Roll in the park this year? If yes, who?

  • What event did you say has been won by more St. Paulites than Montgomerians?  Kolacky something? 

  • If we wanted to win some Monty Bucks for our dancing skills, do you have any recommendations?

  • Where can we go see the “Looking at Our Past” exhibit again?

  • What fundraising event helps pay for the Grand Day Parade? 

  • Which event started in its present form in 1959 to give the small fry something to do?

  • What is the 5th category in the Kolacky Days Photography Contest?  We remember Traditional Czech Dress, Kolacky Days Parade, Activites & Events of Kolacky Days, Food Art and Photos by ???

We said our goodbyes and thanked them again for accepting this honor.  We reminded them to pay attention to the rules and guidelines for the Great Kolacky Pursuit and said definitely don’t look anywhere near the one spelling error on the flyer as its not there.  Bob laughed and said “You told us that it wouldn’t be there as you noted it in rules and guidelines.”

Clue 3: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It was after our Regular Meeting in July as we were leaving that we ran into Bob on Main Street.   He really wanted to know how we picked the location for our first hunt.  We inquired if he picked up the hint in the last clue?  If no, go Czech it again.  If you still don’t pick up on it, we would eliminate these locations tied to these various events…

  • We told him to definitely not play around where the event that first started in 1965 is held.

  • You will definitely be in the pits if you spend time looking here.

  • Don’t worry if you are into biking, running, walking or parade watching, you didn’t miss it as its not along the official routes. 

Clue 4: Thursday, July 27, 2017

A few of the board members were at the local Post Office shipping off Kolacky Days t-shirts and hats bought on-line when Lisbeth walked in and said “You know this hunt is really making Bob lose sleep and with the celebration coming up, I wish you would tell him already.”  We instructed Lisbeth to invite Bob to Pizzeria 201 in an hour and we will point him in the right direction.  Bob meet us and over a Hog Heaven pizza we mapped it and told him to pay close attention to the locations of these statements:

  • The maminka of the open division winners of this event said, "The boys train in earnest for this event.  Pushing and pulling tractors up hill (both ways), bare foot in the rain or sleet or snow.  And they are fed a steady diet of prune kolacky and real whole milk." 

  • The 2008 Kolacky Days Grand Marshal does a demonstration in the alley, but he does have exhibitors line up their antique tractors and small engines here.

  • An event or activity happens here each day of Kolacky Days – jeden v pátek, dva v sobotu, and a royal jeden v neděli that isn’t listed anywhere.

  • No professionals allowed here as its all homemade!  Winners take home the unofficial title of the State Champion. 

Clue 5: Friday, July 28, 2017

Thank You

The Montgomery Area Community Club would like to thank the following for helping get the word out across Minnesota Czech Country!  Thank you KCHK Radio and the Montgomery Messenger!