Since 1934, the Kolacky Days Button has been a mainstay.  Czech out how the collectible button has changed throughout the years! 

Each year, the MACC asks for the general public to submit button designs for the community club to consider.  Then in the Fall, the Executive Board invites ALL of the MACC members to come vote on their favorite design.  When voting, members are asked to judge the button designs on simplicity, creativity, and displaying community pride.  The winning design is selected and production begins shortly thereafter.  The button is unveiled after the new year so the Kolacky Queen and her court can begin distributing and promoting our celebration at the St. Paul Winter Carnival, our nation's oldest and largest winter festival.

Some fun facts about the button include it's the fourth longest tradition of Kolacky Days.  The only traditions that have been around longer is the Grand Day Parade, Kolacky Eating Contest, and the Kolacky Queen Coronation.  Out of the 78 buttons, 60 have had a kolacky pictured on it somewhere.  Finally, the button has been fashioned with Minn. a total of 31 times, but has not appeared on the button since 1982.  A total of 24 buttons have MN, 17 have Minnesota, and 6 make no reference to Minnesota, but do mention Montgomery. 

2018 Button

Back in October 2017, the Montgomery Area Community Club sought designs for the upcoming Kolacky Days Celebration!  Sarah Dolejs, a native of Montgomery, submitted the winning design!  MACC President Washa stated, "We had 4 great designs this year choose from and after all the votes were counted, the top 2 designs were separated by a vote."  Washa also noted that this is the first time since 1951 that has the Czech flag depict on the button.

Designed by Sarah Dolejs

Designed by Sarah Dolejs