The Montgomery Area Community Club provides an opportunity to recognize individuals that have made a significant contribution to enhancing community pride, service and quality of life, and have demonstrated outstanding leadership, innovation and success as a role model.  Nominated individuals must be in good standing in the community, have displayed outstanding service, pride and commitment to the community, county, state and/or country and should either live or work in the Montgomery area.  Nominees should be able and willing to carry out the duties of the Kolacky Days Grand Marshal and be at least 18 years of age.    Entries must be filled out completely and can be submitted be either filling out the form below or by completing the Grand Marshal - Nomination Form that is listed on that page and either emailed, mailed or dropped off on or before Friday, May 3, 2019 to kolackydays@gmail.com or to 206 1st Street S, Montgomery, MN 56069.  You may also submit any additional supporting information if you so desire.  Nominations will be reviewed by the Montgomery Area Community Club Board of Directors and their decision will be made in May regarding the recipient(s).   

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Westerman at (507) 953-0094 or kolackydays@gmail.com with any questions you may have.  

Not sure if the person has been Grand Marshal before?  Find our list of Grand Marshals along with a picture gallery here: http://www.montgomerymn.org/grand-marshals/

Nomination Information

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Use the space provided below to describe specific act or acts (personal or civic) which they have displayed outstanding service, pride and commitment to the community, county, state and/or country. Areas of consideration include community service, personal accomplishment or awards, length of time living in the community, personal deeds and dedication to the community, county, state and/or country and why you feel this person(s) deserves to be honored as Grand Marshal(s). You may also include memberships to organizations with number of years of service, positions and offices held, etc. If you desire, please consider also providing letters supporting the nominated individual(s) or additional space is needed, please email it to kolackydays@gmail.com or mail or drop off at 206 1st St. South