Local Non-Profit Organization Application

All of this work - Kolacky Days - functions as a fundraiser for not only us but for many of our local service clubs.  If you are member of an area service club who would like your organization to be involved with Kolacky Days by managing / assisting with a task outside of food vending, please complete the following form and we will see if we can find a match for your organization with Kolacky Days. 

The Montgomery Area Community Club can not guarantee that a task may exist for your organization, but will keep you in mind for future Kolacky Days or other events and activities throughout the year. 

Please list the name of the local non-profit organization that would like to volunteer.
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Contact Person
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Please provide projects/goals along with the associated cost of each.
Examples would be adult to youth ratio or minimum of # of adults or persons above a specific age or above at all times.