Youth Board Membership Application

Youth Board members are high school students who are interested in becoming more involved in their community.  Through participation on the board, students learn about volunteering and civic engagement and hopefully will bring back to their school peers and use it as a stepping stone as they grow into adulthood. 

If interested, please complete the following form:

Youth Name *
Youth Name
Enter your current school name (i.e., TCU High School) AND expected year of graduation.
Youth Preferred Phone
Youth Preferred Phone
Student Street Address *
Student Street Address
Parent / Guardian Name - To Be Completed by Parent / Guardian *
Parent / Guardian Name - To Be Completed by Parent / Guardian
By entering my name below, I represent that I as a valid parent/guardian, I am approving this form and agree to the waiver/release on behalf of the minor.
Waiver/Release - To Be Completed by Parent / Guardian *
As the Parent / Guardian, I do hereby give my consent and agree to allow my youth to participate in Montgomery Area Community Club activities. Furthermore, the Community Club members supervising these activities may act in my stead, including medical treatment for my youth. I will not hold Montgomery Area Community Club or its staff fiscally or legally responsible for injuries or damages incurred during these activities and waive all rights to legal redress.
Parent / Guardian Phone
Parent / Guardian Phone